The Ingredients

FIVE SENSES is a small, premium coffee roaster, based in Mornington, committed to providing a quality product while keeping in mind the social, cultural and environmental impact of their business.
Brew to You uses Fair Trade blends and/or certified Fair Trade organic coffee.
As the coffee is freshly roasted by Five Senses for each event, and ground as required on the coffee cart, we are able to create the freshest espresso possible, with a strong, smooth flavour, and thick, rich crema.
For more information on the coffee we choose visit:

Beautiful coffee deserves fresh milk, foamed with a perfect creamy consistency – café blend, regular, lite, and quality soy available at each event

Filtered rainwater for espresso production – no chemicals / chlorine

Raw sugar individually served in bowl.
Honey or sweetener alternatives available

Freshly brewed REAL chai tea, with fresh ginger.

Organic Southern Light Herbal Tea range

Home baked treats – cakes, cookies, slices

Cool summer menu available

Try our Chai

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